Youtube needs no introduction, it’s the 3rd most popular website after Google and Facebook. People (Including me ) Spend lot of time watching videos on youtube and the only reason is that you can find any video you want on youtube . Internet Marketer even use Youtube to get thousands of visitors to their site . Watching videos on browser is not a bad idea but too experience something new ; you can now watch youtube videos without using browser . Yes you read it right , you can watch youtube videos on desktop using application called yTubePlayer.  This application will change your whole experience with youtube. You can watch videos, share with your friends , you can even create your favourite playlist and watch it later.


You can search videoas  and add it to playlist.

search and add to playlist ytubeplayer

ytubeplayer search

Some the feature of yTubePlayer are :

  • It allows you to enter your favorite artist or song and the player automatically creates a dynamic playlist with similar songs
  • Listen to your favorite YouTube streams in the comfort of your Desktop
  • Play feeds directly from YouTube, No download is needed
  • Take advantage of your Desktop Multimedia Keyboard – no more switching to your browser to choose the next song
  • Use the Toolbar mode to listen to your playlists in the background (the Toolbar is always on top)
  • Use built-in search facilities (Ctrl-F) to search directly on YouTube
  • Share your playlists by sending them to other YTubePlayers using the built-in “share” facilities
  • Import existing YouTube playlists.

Download yTubeplayer for Windows

Download yTubePlayer for Mac