Yes,Time to show your talent by making incredible changes by using Photoshop.For that you need much time.But it’s the time to learn some killer combo moves if  you don’t get much time to do other works.For that you should use Photoshop cs3,must have Windows OS with default keyboard.It’s really good,isn’t it?

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop

Have a look on the 10 killer combo move:

1.Cloak of Invisibility:

Sometimes we need to remove all the things except the things we really need.This allows us to do so.

.F, F, F | Cycle through Screen Modes

.Tab | Remove Tools and Palettes

.Ctrl+H | Hide Extras (Grid, Guides, Slices, etc.)

.Ctrl+R | Hide Rulers


2. Quick Brush Jab:

This allows us to customize a brush as soon as possible.It’s so easy to do as well.This combo is the basic of digital painting too.

.B | Brush Tool

.Right-Click and Select or F5 and Select | Open condensed or full Brush Palette

.or . or , or Shift+. or Shift+, | Cycle through brushes or jump to first or last brush

.[ or ]: | Shrink or enlarge brush radius

.Shift+[ or Shift+] | Decrease or increase brush hardness

.{Numeric Input} | Change brush opacity (e.g. ’5′ = 50%, ’55′ = 55%)


3. Quick Brush Jab Path Stroke:

You can make a path with a customized brush by using this combo.

.{Draw Path} | Use any tool to draw a path

.B | Select Brush Tool

.Quick Brush Jab | Use the Quick Brush Jab Combo to customize brush

.Enter | Stroke the path with your customized brush


4. Gaussian Attack:

This is only the reapplying of filters after a photo get faded.If we need a killing tweaking filters then this combo is too good for it.

.{Apply a Filter} | Manually choose and apply a filter (warning: using the Lens Flare filter may result in a swift kick to the mouse balls)

.Ctrl+Shift+F | Fade the filter

.(Ctrl+F or Ctrl+Shift+F) | Reapply filter with or without dialog box


5. Shadow Maker:

It helps us to create shadows on our desired layer.It makes the photos attractive and stylish.

.{Select Layer} | The shadow is created when we select a layer.This layer looks like the desired shape of the shadow.

.Ctrl+J | Layer via Copy

.Ctrl+[ | Move layer down

.D | Reset color defaults

.Alt+Shift+Backspace | Fill with black and preserve transparency

.Ctrl+T | Free transform

.{Transform} | Modify to your liking

.Enter | Commit


6. Layer Catcher:

By using this you can operate layers in different ways.You can select,group and mask.You feel easy to do so whereas it was quite difficult in layers palette.

.V | Selection Tool

.Ctrl+Click or Ctrl+Shift+Click or Ctrl+Shift+Right-Click | Select your layers

.Ctrl+G | Group Layers


7.OCD Layer Sort:

Whenever you want to arrange the layers again then this allows you to do so.

.F7 | Show Layer Palette

.Alt+[ or Alt+] or Alt+, or Alt+. | Select a layer

.Shift+Alt+[ or Shift+Alt+] or Shift+Alt+, or Shift+Alt+. | More layers can be selected.

.Ctrl+[ or Ctrl+] or Shift+Ctrl+[ or Shift+Control+] | Move layers down or up or send to bottom or bring to top.


8. Ultimate Flattener:

All the layers can be merged by the help of this combo even if those are hidden.It is a quick process.You can flatten a file easily with a great speed.

.Alt+. | Select Top Layer

.Shift+Alt+, | Select all layers between currently selected and bottom layer

.Ctrl+E | Merge the selected layers


9. Infinite Dupe:

By using this combo move you can duplicate items as well as transform.Distribution of  something can be easily done for e.g nav buttons.

.Ctrl+T | Transform

.{Transform/Move} | Manually Move or Transform

.Enter | Commit Transform

.(Ctrl+Alt+Shift+T) | Duplicate and transform relative to the newest item


10. Finishing Move – The Web Extractor:

You can use it to save an item for the web.

.{Create Selection} | Select the area you want to extract

.Ctrl+Shift+C | Copy Merged to clipboard

.Ctrl+N | Create New Image based on selection size

.Enter | Confirm New Image

.Ctrl+V | Paste from clipboard

.Ctrl+Alt+Shift+S | Save for the Web


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