1> Fast Pitch:Facetone is one of the applications of vringo which plays our friends’ facebook photos as slideshow at the time of making a call or receiving a call from them.
2> Main Idea:Be in touch with social media with phone calls

Remaining in touching once centered around the cellphone call.Now the use of social networks are highly increasingly more than phone calls and they see their devices as portals to social networking sites.
“Phone calls” almost experience out of time frame because there is no social context,which is placed by Jon Medved,the CEO of Vringo.
Vringo started selling video ringtones.Now-a-day it’s using the same technology to twist social network to phone calls.Fcetone,it’s new android app which performs slideshow of your friends’ all new photos when you make calls or receive calls from them.
The names of the your contacts will be matched with the name of your friends in facebook by this ad-supported free app,so set-up is a issue of matching up the names that are saved randomly  on your cellphone than they are on Facebook.
So far the free app has been downloadable 500,000 times— and thanks to promotions with top cellular providers in Asia, the U. s. Declares and Latina The usa states, such as Verizon prepaid wireless, many more downloads available are likely on the way. The providers will provide an ad-free edition of the assistance for about $1 monthly. You can download it’s An ad-free edition  from the android market for $4.99.
As mobile carriers’ bottom lines suffer from texting and voice applications such as Skype that avoid their major income channels of phone calls and SMS, it is a good idea that they are willing to motivate any features that make traditional cellphone interaction more appealing.
There are some more success by the name of Vringo. In ten different territories,it’s video ringtone service is sold by partner carries as a $1 per month subscription service.It has 400,000 subscribers is going to work on an  IOS app, the capability to be connected systems other than Facebook and the the inclusion of status updates in slideshows for Facetones.