Hi all, here I am going to give you some basic tips which will make your internet search faster and will give u more effective results. Do you want to become a search expert?


   Then do one simple thing first. While searching something over Internet, use phrases  which are called  Search Strings. It will help you getting more relevant results of your  query and speed up your search time as well.

When we see standard search engine results, we notice that often only the first two to    three pages of a search using just the word we are looking for results in  relevant      information. Following those pages more and more, the information starts losing the  relevancy.

Let’s take an example the word “Tiger” on a Google search. All things Tiger, the animal,  last almost not quite three pages. After that the relevance to Tiger’s comes to Tiger-  related products and commercial businesses begin.

When we enter such a broad subject like “Tiger” with no related words, the time and energy searching for sites and information takes longer and skips what could be excellent results.

More better way to refine the search for specific needs is not only fasten the search process, but yield pages and pages of relevant and reliable information .Thus the Search String.

Search Strings are not  limited to Google only. The Search String is a device which should be used on all searches by using Search Engines and Databases.

The exact search- Exact search allows us to find relevant information by putting quotes ” “ around the search term. This will cut out all irrelevant as well as time wasting results. For Example: “Technology blogs.”

The definition search- It’s  Best for writers. Another option is to use a dictionary site. However, at the time of hurry, the “define” search can speed things up. define:bullet.

Blog keyword search- Again, this is similar to the “Exact Search,” in that we are looking for something particular. Only in this case, the term “inurl:” shows we are looking exactly for the subject in a blog. For example inurl:Cows

The date range search- When You look for information in between a specific date range, try: Self Publishing daterange: 2011 January-2011  September. This is needed if u want related and updated data.

The wildcard search * is the “Star” in your computer- To use a wildcard search just insert the * symbol instead of a word. When we are not sure of exactly what we are looking for, The Wildcard is an excellent way to explore what’s out in the web world.

The file type search-It’s easy. Just add the file type to the term: filetype:pdf

The safe search- If Children are there with you then it will be helpful for safe surfing. This search prohibits all adult content from the results: safesearch:online

The link search- If you are looking for a particular Website, you can put the link either into your browser window or into the search window as well.

The site search – If you want to find information  from one website, then precede the link with the term “site” and you will find that site only. This is helpful if you are not sure about the URL. site:itechcrazy.com

How to find stuff using either or results - If you need information on two words that might not even be related, you can use the OR in between. For example: Cows OR Bulls

More info- Many are acquainted with the Boolean search techniques. These will further define what we are looking for. Such terms as the + used between three words will “string” together exactly what we are looking for. For example: Tree+ fruit + seasons. The rarely used but powerful minus operator, equivalent to a Boolean NOT, can remove many unwanted results. I use the term “What is.” This is another way to tell the browser I’m looking for information about something, somewhat like the Wild Card search, but not  so broad.

You can speed up the Search process with Search Strings. Your Internet Search will be more faster  and You get all relevant information to your query easily.  Hope You Liked all the information I have given above. If you really did then do share it.