This Photoshop tutorial will show you how to make glass effect in Photoshop quickly in 2-3 minutes.It’s an one time job I mean once you save it,latter you can apply to create stunning text effect or to any shape you want.

So let’s get started:-

Step-1:First of all you need to create a new document in Photoshop with 750px Width and 550px Height.

Step-2:Now choose a  background you want. For this tutorial, I’ll use a very simple background. Create a new layer by clicking on the icon of ‘Create New Layer’, which is present at the bottom of the layers panel or go to Layer> New Layer. Now fill this layer with # 397db5 color using ‘Paint bucket tool’.

Step-3:Now time to know how to make glassy effect in 2 minutes.Select the ‘Type tool’ to type in your text on a new layer. Now you can use any color,it doesn’t matter.

Step-4:Make the Fill to 0% on this text layer. After that, go to Layer> Layer style> Blending options. Use the given settings here.

Step-5:You can give some lighting effect to the background depending upon the direction of highlights and shadows in our text. So, click on the text layer and go to Filter> Render> Lighting Effects. Apply the given settings here.

Step-6:Now we’ll darken the borders of our background just a bit. Click on the background layer and go to Layer> Layer style> Inner glow. Use the given values here.

Step-7:Using the same layer styling, which we’ve applied to the text, you can recreate this glassy look on any shape. To make it easy, click on the Text layer on which you have applied the glass effect. After that, open the ‘Styles’ window and click on the icon of ‘Create New Style’, label it as ‘Glass Effect’.

Now click on any shape or text layer on which you want to apply the glass effect and click on the newly saved glass effect style from the ‘Styles’ window. In this way, you can apply this awesome effect to any shape you want in just two seconds. Let’s have a look on few examples.

That’s it.Now you are all done.

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