People’s craze for iphone and iPad is increasing in alarming rate and do you know the reason behind it? It’s the ease of functionality it provides ,it come up with lot of feature for people which make them user friendly to use. You can download  apps from app store without any cost. You think of  something and there is an app available for your , isn’t that great ? But some bitter truth is that  all the apps are not free to download. You will have to pay for some apps which you like to use .There comes the   iOS jailbreaking in the picture .Do you know what does the word jailbreaking mean? Okay,let me tell.It means removing the limitation imposed by apple on the devices running the iOS through use of custom kernels.Then the user able to gain root access the operating system and allows user to download many apps,extensions and themes which are not available in official app store. If you ever heard of rooting  Android phone this is the same thing in Apple , it’s just called jail breaking in this case.

The devices like iPhone 4s and iPad 2 don’t have this jailbreak which voids warranty.This is the reason many people doesn’t like .It is a special product from I am here to tell you a way through which you will able to download many greart apps on idevices  which aren’t jailbroken.For that you need to use the software iResign.It has a great feature that it lets users to resign the app signature  to their accounts.Now download  desired application’s cracked .ipa files from web and save them on the desktop. Then you have to run iReSign and browse downloaded cracked .ipa file which you want to sign or resign.Then you’ll put Keychain Access for certificate and hit the resign button.Now your .ipa files start resigning.After this process your .ipa files would be ready to use.

iResign install cracked apps

iResign install cracked apps

Here is a shortlist for you:


1.iPhone,iPad and iPod.

2.UDID registration with Provisioning certificate

3.A computer running Mac OS

4.iResign app

5.Cracked app

How to do:

  1. Download any cracked app from Apptrackr
  2. Open iResign
  3. Browse for the .iPA
  4. Look for Keychain Access for your certificate. Example: iPhone Developer: Mike Fletcher (I7U4261P80)
  5. Type that were it says Certificate Name For Keychain
  6. Click Resign button
  7. The app will appear on desktop
  8. Open app in iTunes
  9. Sync your device
  10. Now you are Done.

Remember that it doesn’t require any Xcode and works on Non Jailbroken iOS 4 & iOS 5 device.

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