If you are using Windows 8 and some problems arise while using your computer,then you need to repair it without losing data.Yes,a bootable Windows 8 recovery drive  will help you to do that by restoring your PC.A  bootable USB flash drives would be much more convenient than ecovery DVD and are fairly inexpensive.

Steps to create Windows 8 USB recovery drive :

Step-1:At first type “recovery” from the Windows 8 Start screen.Then choose settings and go to  “Create a recovery drive” to begin the recovery drive tool.



Step-2:If you want the recovery tools that came with your PC to be included in the recovery drive Check the box next to “Copy the recovery partition from the PC to the recovery drive”,when you see recovery drive tool .If your PC doesn’t have a recovery partition the you will get to see the selection is grayed out.A 16GB USB flash drive is needed if you do copy the recovery partition.



Step-3:Keep in mind that USB flash drive should be empty. The recovery drive tool deletes if any data left in flash drive.When you step up to close the wizard click the create button and hold on for two minutes.And now you have your Windows 8 USB recovery drive.

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