We all like to watch video on internet and if we like it most then we like to download those.There are mainly two types of tools by which we download videos from internet.One of the tools is having web apps. First of all its own server keeps a copy of the video we want to download then it gives us a direct link to download it.The second type allows us to download the video directly from the website where the video is available to our computers and also it converts it into the specific format which is supported by our desktops or laptops.

Now one more category has been added to the tools for downloading videos from internet that is FreeMake which is for windows sites.FreeMake is too easy to use and too familiar to user.Flash videos can be grabbed from different video sites available by this software and then downloaded just by one click.You have to copy the video URL from the website and then paste it in to the FreeMake software and the rest will be done by the FreeMake.

There are two modes exist in FreeMake video downloader ,one is standard mode and the other one is one-click download mode.By default the one-click download mode saves the video file without asking for any video format but in standard mode it asks for different video formats before start downloading video file.

It also allows us to extract audio from any video file as it has a built-in video converter or we can convert in to our desired formats supported by our mobiles or tablets.

We can resume downloads if any interruption occurs at the middle of the downloads.We can download videos from any video streaming sites like Youtube,Facebook,Flicker and lots more.

Now you can enjoy your favourite video whenever you want. Just download it and enjoy.

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