we always try to get the first place in the ruthless business that is called SEO, which is too necessary for a competitor.
Though there are a huge amounts of competitors out there in this cruel business (like white, black and gray hat SEO practitioners), every day creates a new set of task to make sure that your internet sites appear on the first web page of the Look for Search Engine Result Page or SERP, if not on the top three results, then do something more to be in those place. Isn’t it?
The good thing is that successful in the ranking game is actually very achievable. To achieve that we should apply some simple tasted tips and tricks related to SEO, which are used by most successful SEO campaigns now-a-days like before.To achieve gud page rank here  are some tricky tips are briefly described bellow:high page rank

1. Always use right keyword


: ”We aren’t  getting the good ranking ”,this is what most of  people complaining against the page ranking even if   they have  good written posts. Well this is just because of not using the perfect and unique set of keywords in the posts that could have pushed their sites on the top of the SERP. Keep in mind that most SEO campaigns flourish on well-chosen key terms that produce traffic and successfully get indexed by the Google bots or say Google spiders. So always use the right keyword in order to achieve the high SERP.
NB:  Keyword is the backbone of the SEO campaign.

2. Meta data

 Once you done with the keyword you want to use for the site next step would be the customizing the Meta data located on your webpage. Always try to have   unique Meta data on as many numbers of pages as you can. If Google spiders see that you have same Meta data on most of the pages then it will surely going to affect your ranking. Search engine always want to know that each page is different from the other page and has specific information to back that up. Also remember that the title and description is what the end user sees, if that remains non descriptive or all the same, then surely you are in wrong shoe. If you have 30 pages and most of them have same title or description then reader will get a hard time to distinguish between them. So always keep that in mind that unique Meta tag always works.

3. Original content is crucially essential


The content should be genuine, different from other post’s content and well-written. The content should be best in comparison to your competitor .Google’s policy to rank the website is to by examining the content quality of the post and the frequency by which you update your site.
So, always make sure to get good articles (original), especially since Google Panda judges individual sites by having eye on its articles quality. If the content is poor, then Google panda will drag you site’s SERP rank down for sure.

4.  Link building campaign


Another key element in increasing SERP is link building. Link building is one of the SEO tricks which is necessary for a site to increase its SERP rank and site traffic. The greater the number of website links to your site the greater the ranking. Always try to get appropriate backlinks. For instance; if your site is about horse riding then try and get backlinks from horse riding niche, it will be more valuable than getting a backlink from dog training.
How can you increase your backlinks? That’s what you thinking right?
You could do guest post , invite authors and do some link exchange, post on forums, publish content to eZine, HubPages, and submit article to  article directories, submit your post to web 2.0 site like facebook , twitter , digg , reditt and so on .You can also create videos and add your link in description there by getting a backlink . There are hell lot of technique to get proper backlink. Stay tuned will post the tutorial soon.

Though you might have a little hard time getting high SERP in short time, but nevertheless it’s worth waiting for. Patience is the main thing to have if you want to see your site on the top in SERP ranking which isn’t possible overnight.SEO practice is necessarily required for a practitioners to reach at the top and a lots of hard works too .So if you start following these SEO tips then one day you will surely see your site on the top in SERP ranking.