How to export Skype contacts easily

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Do you want to switch to another Skype account from old one?Then you would like to export all your old Skype contacts. For that you can use some third party application available but today I am going to tell you about Skype’s own default tools which will help you to keep all the backup of your contacts. Export Skype contacts: Step-1:...

How to stop WhatsApp from Auto downloading media

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There are over 600 million people are using world’s most popular messaging app WhatsApp and I am sure you are one of them.It also has some quirks and annoyances.You may have noticed that the media(Images,audio and videos) sent by your friends are downloaded automatically by default.If you don’t want WhatsApp to download media...

How to fix Google Play errors

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You must be noticing a pop-up error message in Google play when an issue installing or updating your apps.Unfortunately, it doesn’t explain how you can fix it and it is very brief as well. For example, in case of error 921: “Unknown error code during application install (921).” Error 491 But XDA member Mohamed rashad...

How to disable autoplay for videos in Facebook

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Undoubtedly auto playing videos on your Facebook news feed is a reason to raise your data charges.But by default, videos are set to autoplay in Facebook.but thankfully now all the iOs,Android and even desktop users can disable autoplay for videos in Facebook. Disable autoplay for videos in Facebook: On the Desktop: For Facebook on the...

How to take a screenshot on Chromebook

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You must be familiar with taking screenshots as you already know screenshots is an awesome way to save information or troubleshoot an issue.If you are an Android user s (running 4.0 and above),then  pressing the volume-down and power buttons at the same time you take screenshots and if you are an iOS  user then you need to press the...

How to Adjust Google Play to require a password for every purchase

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Adjust Google Play to require a password for every purchase: All we know that the Google Play store requires a password every 30 minutes for purchases. And if you handle your device to your kids then it may be costly for you or in case when you want more security if your device becomes misplaced. Here is a solution for you that from now...

How to (temporarily) use Messages instead of Messenger in Facebook for iOS

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Use Messages instead of Messenger in Facebook for iOS: Facebook Messages Now the most popular social media Facebook wants all its users to install its standalone messaging app in order to converse with friends.If you don’t wamt to download its messenger,then there is a way to use messages in the Facebook app if you are an iOS user.yes,iOS...

How to Upload eBooks to Google Play Books

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Upload eBooks to Google play books: A good news for Google Play users.Yes,Google announced that Google play users can upload their own collection of ebooks and documents to the Play Store section. Like Dropbox and SkyDrive,now users will be able to upload most of their documents and eBooks on cloud via Play Store. Users won’t be...

How to unsubscribe from annoying emails in an easy way

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If I am not wrong then everyday you must be getting some newsletters and some unnecessary emails.It’s common practice to come across these social media notifications and other promotional emails all the time. We used to get an unsubscribe option usually had it buried in tiny text at the very bottom of messages.But now Gmail and...

How to Export Contacts from Outlook 2010 to a CSV File

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Sometimes you need to export your email contacts to other applications or databases. May be you love going for more email services,like Gmail and Outlook and want to sync your Gmail with Outlook service. Whatever it is, the best way to export your contacts from Outlook 2010 is to export them to a CSV file. Today I will tell you  how... | Tech News, Blogging, Internet Marketing , SEO , Tips and Tricks and more