How to Chat with Gmail Contacts in

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Chat with Gmail Contacts in All we know Hotmail is replaced by compared to Gmail it is not a favourite web mail client.But you can chat with Gmail contacts in now.It can be a reason for people to use it more.In this article I will tell you how to chat with Gmail contacts in How to...

How to Save Web Links and Images to the Cloud Using Ballloon Chrome Extension

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Ballloon Chrome extension: If you do blogging, then you must need to do a lot of online research and download images or bookmark articles for further use,you’ll end up spending  your important time to collect all those for your projects or articles.If you save them to one specific location like One Note then it will be easier for you...

How to check outside users of Wi-Fi on Windows

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Sometimes you notice that the download and upload speed of your home internet becomes slow.And most of cases you have some outside users of Wi-Fi of your  home internet connection which is used by many devices via Wi-Fi.Then you set a Wi-Fi password to prevent it but it just isn’t enough to keep a neighbor or a stranger from stealing...

How to add an iTunes Pass to Passbook on iOS

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Now you don’t need gift cards in order to add money to your iTunes account.It is all because of Apple’s iTunes Pass feature. For time being is only available in selected countries, including the US and Australia.It will be available to other countries very soon. Now you can quickly add money to your iTunes account easily,for...

How to Stop Auto Playing Videos in Your Browser

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You must be noticing that most of the websites running auto play content when you open these websites up.This is more irritating when when you open up several tabs simultaneously, then if a website from those tabs plays video and you can’t identify that tab easily to stop playing video. Today I am going to tell you how to stop...

Photoshop:How to create a comic style image in Photoshop

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Now-a-days it’s not wrong to say the craze of comic superheros is high.So today I am going to tell you how to turn a simple image into a comic style image in Photoshop.Sit relax,because it will take only 15-20 minutes to give you a comic style image. Follow the steps to create a comic style image: Step-1: Select an image that you...

How To Save Facebook Posts for Reading Later with Facebook Favorite Chrome Extension

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Facebook extensions for Chrome

You must be very familiar to the social networking site,Facebook.If you don’t have any time to keep track on the posts of your friends which you don’t want to miss then Google chrome has a perfect extension named Facebook Favorite which saves  Facebook posts for you to read later. Have a look on how Facebook favorite chrome...

Amazon unveils e-book subscription service with unlimited access

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You are a bibliophile.Alright,you would be happy to know that Inc on Friday unveiled e-book subscription service with unlimited access.This subscription service will allow user to read a lot books (more than 600,000 e-books) from Amazon’s library. You need to be a subscriber to the Kindle Unlimited service,which cost...

How To Access Most Wanted Commands Using Easy Context Menu In Windows

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In Windows the right click menu is a handy feature that lets you access the commands you want to use most of the time.But different people need different command to use while they are working on something important.But Windows doesn’t give you that access to add your desired commands to right click context menu easily. Today I will...

How to Recover Deleted Emails in

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This is a ridiculous  situation when you find all your mails deleted accidentally from your account or it may be deleted after your account has been hacked. You will find those deleted mails in deleted folder,which most email clients contain.From that folder you can retrieve all your deleted emails or messages. However once  the deleted ... | Tech News, Blogging, Internet Marketing , SEO , Tips and Tricks and more